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Speed 4 Sports

Mount Anville National School,
Lower Kilmacud Road,

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Venue Notes
Please enter through the main gates of the school. Cars CANNOT Be parked within the school grounds at any time due to health and safety.
5th Jul 2021 - 14th Jul 2021

Week 1 Mon 5th July - Wed 7th July

2:30pm - 4:00pm

Week 2 Mon 12th July - Wed 14th July

2:30pm - 4:00pm

Full week


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Camp notes

These 3 day camps teach children the basics of running and also how to run fast ( sprinting ). Our coach will take your child through the principles of our methodology of Acceleration, Deceleration, Agility and Activation.

Active Dynamic Conditioning
ADC is the foundation for a well-prepared athlete. Athletes will learn a scripted routine of the most effective ways to improve mobility, balance, stability, muscular/ cardiovascular endurance, and motor skill coordination. This activation warm up will be made available to all children online.

Our Speed Camps will improve: Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration, Top End Speed, Strength, Power and Motivation

Top End Speed Training
Top End Speed Training (sprinting) is often an overlooked component for most athletes, especially if there position doesn’t require much linear sprinting. But improving maximum speed will actually elevate an athletes overall quickness. Running for sports like rugby, tennis , hockey, basketball etc are different to running in athletics. We teach the children the differences.

Acceleration Training
One of most important aspect of every sport is acceleration. Within our camps we lay out step by step progressions on how to maximize an athlete’s acceleration. Proper joint angles and ground force application is taught so that every athlete will understand how to continually develop these skills.

Agility Training
Agility or change of direction occur in all field sports. We teach the components within this skill.

ALL the above skills and progressions are taught within game situation or broken down to individual development.

The focus is to introduce your child to the skill of running and to running FAST.

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